Folding wall table - 6 foot plastic folding table.

Folding Wall Table

folding wall table

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folding wall table - Folding Wall

Folding Wall Table (4dcon-66136) From 4d Concepts

Folding Wall Table (4dcon-66136) From 4d Concepts

Dimension: 23.63"W x 31.5"D x 16.13"H
Finish: Pine
Materials: Solid Pine
Unique Design Solid Pine Wood Folding Wall Table
Need that additional table or work surface*
This uniquely designed table folds out from the wall with a swing out support.
The table is made of solid pine top with a wooden frame.
This is great for tight dining spaces, additional working surface in your Child's bedroom, additional work surface for crafting, for the laundry room, fold out for your laptop work, etc.
Just fold away when not in use!
The large working surface is a great addition for any room in the home.
Constructed of pine wood.
Clean with a dry non abrasive cloth.
Assembly required.

82% (7)



The foldable table stand at the Milan Fair. The room furniture shapes have aroused much curiosity, wonder and attention. People were surprised by seeing the shape of the sideboard transformed into a functional and sturdy table. Diferrent size and color of the folding table are shown open.



Screw the first structure FastLeg to the house wall

folding wall table

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